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Gmors® design and manufacture high performance pneumatic seals to your exacting requirements using advanced materials and technology that extends operating thresholds and seal lifetime. We offer custom molded seals for every sealing requirement with differing temperature and mechanical thresholds, superior elastic properties and wear resistance. 

Pneumatic seals perform a vital function in pneumatic cylinders by preventing the escape of air from the cylinder and at the same time, the intrusion of dust and particles. A major difference between the design criteria of pneumatic and hydraulic seals is pressure. Generally, pneumatic seals do not perform well under very high pressure. Typically pneumatic seals operate under pressure of 1 to 150 psi while hydraulic seals are capable of operating pressure in excess of 10,000 psi. High speed and low friction are the design requirements of pneumatic seals in rotary and reciprocating action. 

Gmors® manufactures a complete range of pneumatic seals including symmetrical seals, piston seals, rod seals, sealing gaskets, o-rings, buffer rings, u-cup seals, back-up rings, static seals, v-rings, rotary shaft seals and more. Seals are available for both single and double action applications, and in a variety of material that include fluoroelastomers like Viton, FKM, thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, Nitrile NBR and more. 

Our pneumatic seals are used in almost every application, including: 

1. Pneumatic and air valves.
2. Agricultural machinery.
3. Pneumatic pumps and equipment.
4. Construction and mining equipment.
5. Oil drilling equipment
6. Pneumatic actuators 

At Gmors®, we manufacture superior pneumatic seals that will keep your machineries and equipment operating at optimum efficiency because as a manufacturer ourselves we understand the costs of equipment downtime. When you choose us as your premium supplier, you can be assured of great quality sealing products backed by an excellent service and technical support team.

Basic materials: NBR, FKM, and Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU)

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